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Welcome to the number one blog on all things related to Elon Musk and Flamethrowers and everything in between. If you arrived here you are probably a technology geek or a Musk fan or a pyrotechnics enthusiast like us or just a curious soul. No matter what your level is we have got news to entertain and educate you about the Boring Company Flamethrower. So without further waiting lets get you all updated!

Who are we?
We are a group of friends who met the at the Burning Man festival and connected on our shared interest in fire works, innovation and technology. We review different fire spewing gadgets and dissect it through different angles such as history, design, marketing, uses and user friendliness. We work from a garage in Mountain View, California in a true freelancing and start up style.

What is a Flamethrower?
According to Webster dictionary: "Flamethrower is a device that expels from a nozzle a burning stream of liquid or semiliquid fuel under pressure". In Layman terms, A flamethrower is an advanced form of a squirt gun or nerf gun that spews flames. How far the flames spread depend on the type of Flamethrower you are using. Domestic flamethrowers have a smaller range of a few feet while flamethrowers can blast fire across a football stadium.

What is a Boring Company Flamethrower?
Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, SpaceX and the most recent The Boring company announced a sale of 20,000 flamethrowers branded as The Boring Not-A-Flamethrower as part of his companies marketing game. The Boring company is his latest venture that aims to improve the on ground traffic congestion by creating underground tunnels facilitate high speed transit. The company's main products are durable tunnels. They have partnerships with state and city governments on tunnel boring and next-gen transport system development projects such as the loop systems. To promote his companies cause and raise capital, Elon launched the sale of several merchandise starting with baseball hats and now the flamethrowers. The sale was limited edition and a huge marketing hit. At the end of the sale, Musk raised $10Mn worth of capital. Maybe it is Musk's popularity or Flamethrower's coolness, people went gaga over the flamethrower and so did we. We got our hands on it and unboxed it and tested it out.

Is Boring Company flamethrower review any good?
It looks like a cool nerf gun and will definitely make eyes turn if its displayed on your mantle. Wear an army camouflage suit and hold the the flamethrower proudly and you have got yourself a G.I.Joe halloween costume. You will definitely have to shell out some money to buy propane tanks for the flamethrower to work and fire extinguisher to put off the flame after use. Looks like an airsoft gun and works like a roofing torch and gives a strong flames for up to 6ft. Comes with a neat safety instructions and manual. Musk's Flamethrower is the smartest coolest fire breather that will oomph up your cocktail, BBQ and creme brulee game. OVerall we give it a thumbs up.

Where can I get more information?
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